Men's Lycra Skin in Black

Created for Performance Surfing, Diving, Bodyboarding, Water Sports!

  • Black Lycra with White Neptunic Logo Front, Back & Left Sleeve
  • Compression Fit: Form fitting tight layer fits like a second skin to not get in the way of your water sports.
  • With exclusive thumb hole and over the hand protection, Neptunic Lycra also comes with a board short belt loop to keep your top in place when you need it most.
  • Good stretch, great function, and excellent quality that protects against chafing, rashing, and burning.
  • Cold Water Wash, Hang Dry

 ** Made in the USA with 93% RECYCLED Bamboo Nylon Blend Fabric and 7% Spandex.

When choosing a size please refer to the size chart. The size range shown depicts that the lower end of that size will be "loose" on you, if you fall towards the end of the range that size will be tighter. 





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