We continue in the tradition of a company created by those with a passion for the ocean.

Founded in San Diego in 1978, the technology Neptunic has developed is known around the world as being instrumental in the development of shark interaction for research, film, and ,Eco-tourism. The Neptunic Sharksuit has set an unrivaled standard  among those who must interact under these hazardous circumstances.  

For the past 40 years, has participated in over 100 television and film projects, as well as museum and technology exhibits. The Museum of National History, The Smithsonian, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Vitra Design Museum. Germany have all featured the Neptunic Sharksuit.  These  museums not only highlight it's historical importance to early underwater exploration, but also Neptunic Sharksuits unique design.  This history is now carried over into Neptunic's Brand of clothing and gear.   Drawing on year's of experience,research, and innovation , the Neptunic Brand is undeniably the water man's brand.

Our products reflect a simple design and a commitment towards materials without a large footprint on the environment. Neptunic is now donating a percentage of Bimini Shark Lab Hats to support the Lab and their efforts of shark research. Their efforts can influence many to fight with them in keeping sharks free and alive for many generations to come. Neptunic also participates in other conservation organizations including preserving forests, rivers, and oceanswhich include advancing aquaculture techniques, making agricultural and energy production more sustainable, and increasing the use and quality of recycled products. We strongly believe a comprehensive commitment to the environment ultimately leads to healthier ocean.

Our history is now carried into the Neptunic Brand of clothing and gear.
We strongly believe a comprehensive commitment to the environment ultimately leads to a healthier ocean.

Neptunic is a proud member of 1% for the Planet