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Our History is Now Carried into the Neptunic Brand of Clothing and Gear. We Strongly Believe a Comprehensive Commitment to the Environment Ultimately Leads to a Healthier Ocean

Cristina Zenato/ Neptunic Sharksuits

Chainmail Earrings - Extended TriangleChainmail Earrings - Extended Triangle
  • Captain Banner & Nellie

    Captain Banner & Nellie are Sailing the world on a sailboat named Zola. Both are padi divers . free divers and shark enthusiasts. Banner is an airplane pilot and boat captain. Their mission is to save sharks and protect the ocean while living a sustainable life on the water.

  • Dr. Tristan & Annie Guttridge

    Tristan is a behavioral ecologist and wildlife presenter. He has traveled the world and presented for top television networks including National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Animal Planet and more. Tristan’s scientific work has been published by esteem journals such
    as Nature, Fish and Fisheries, and Animal Behavior. Tristan's wife Annie is an underwater photographer and conservationist with a passion for free diving, educating and marine research.

  • Scott Fairchild

    Scott is world travel photographer ,dive master & free diver. He has traveled the world photographing for famous travel destinations. Scott captured national attention when a video ,he took with his drone, showed a surfer and shark peacefully co existing in the oceans off of San Diego, Ca.

  • Kewin Lorenz

    Shark Handler/Cave Explorer/ Scuba Diver

  • UK Squad|Ollie Putnam, Hannah Milankovic, Giovana Braia, Jake Davies (JD Scuba) & Lloyd Jones

    Divers, Marine Biologists, Cinematographers. Seen on BBC

  • Sean Westley

    Westley Lab|Michigan Tech College Forest & Environmental Science

  • Mike Hudson

    Dive Safety Supervisor| Sea Bright Ocean Rescue /Paramedic