Neptunic’s NeXt Generation Sharksuit is the most technologically advanced suit built today. Incorporating the latest fabrication techniques available in stainless steel mesh, the Neptunic Sharksuit is now 30 % Stronger, 15% Lighter, and significantly more Mobile than our previous suits. These key aspects were paramount in our development and design moving forward as Neptunic Sharksuits' global usage continues to expand. Tested by our own team members under the most extreme bite conditions, the Neptunic Sharksuit continues to be the world leader in anti shark bite technology.




WARNING:   A Neptunic Sharksuit is to be regarded as as protective layer between yourself and a Shark bite. For over 30 years, Neptunic Sharksuits have been reducing, and in most cases, completely eliminating all bodily harm in the unlikely event of these situations. However, due to the dynamic nature of Sharks and Shark bites, Neptunic does not offer any guarantee regarding your safety while engaging in Shark interaction. A Neptunic Sharksuit is a last line of defense in the event of an unsolicited Shark bite and bodily harm can and will most likely occur.

Sharksuit Sleeves & Tunic

Comprised entirely of Stainless Steel chainmail, the NeXt Generation Sleeves are worn under the Sharksuit Tunic. This system creates double coverage from the elbow through the upper torso increasing protection 130% in those areas. The Sharksuit Tunic’s extended length and exclusive split bottom design, also create double coverage in conjunction with the Neptunic Sharksuit Pants. This 130% increase in protection now extends from your upper knees through your waist.

Sharksuit Gloves

The Sharksuit Gloves are attached to our Sleeves eliminating the possibility of wrist exposure problematic in earlier designs. Incorporating a “trap door” or slotted helix in the gloves allows the user to remove their hand in and out of the sleeves when needed without having to remove any components of the suit.

Sharksuit Pants

Streamlined design with a built in Quick Release Nylon belt sleeve extending the entire circumference of the waistline allowing for evenly distributed weight support. This design allows the Neptunic Sharksuit pants to be worn with or without our military grade harness (included). The Sharksuit Pants come standard with booties detached for increased mobility on deck and below the water. Standard two inch diving weight belt fits inside the belt sleeve (included).

Sharksuit Booties

Quick release nylon straps secure the bootie above the ankle bone. Sharksuit Booties are worn under the Sharksuit Pants and can be used for multiple applications.

Sharksuit Hood

The Neptunic Sharksuit hood provides complete coverage of both head and neck.

Neptunic Performance Sleeves

New in 2014. Drastically reduced weight as well as a streamlined design, extremely easy and quick to get on and off. Attached gloves with hand escape helix. Popular with Aquariums, Freedivers, and Researchers collecting data from Sharks. Performance Sleeves are light and agile enough for any kind of work both above and below the water.