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Shark Conservation Awareness!

It is important to remember that sharks play an integral part of the ocean's ecosystem and the role they play in keeping the ocean's food chain in balance.  Should sharks disappear from the world's ocean there would be catastrophic consequences.  It is crucial that we do all we can to support conservation to protect our sharks from extinction.

What can we do?

Stay Educated!  

Learn about shark species. In fact, Neptunic's Logo is inspired by the very impressive Bronze Whaler Shark. Our sharksuits have been tested specifically with Barrier Reef and small Bull Sharks. Shark habitats and behaviors are unique. There are 440 different species of sharks in the world. Learning about sharks and ways in which their habitats are threatened keeps you educated about ongoing issues and may help lessen the fear of sharks and instead create a love for them and increased involvement in shark preservation.

To get up close and personal with sharks maybe consider snorkeling with nurse sharks or for the brave at heart, try cage diving with great whites. Our Neptunic ambassador and outstanding underwater cinematographer, Andy Casagrande offers awesome diving experiences that are both educational and inspirational.  

Cristina Zenato, Neptunic Ambassador, has a beautiful history of ocean conservation, cave exploration and shark diving excursions in the Bahamas.  Please take a moment to look at her work and her incredible story.

Saving the Blue, a nonprofit group that Neptunic supports with our proceeds from our eco line,  is committed to sustainability and education of the world's oceans.

Never Use Shark Products!

Fin soup is a big no, no!  Shark meat also! Shark finning is a controversial and brutal practice. Banned in only 12 of the United States, there is lots of work to still be done.  However, there are a lot more products that contain shark oil and cartilage that you may not be aware of. Often these items are found in our beauty products sometimes labeled as “squalene”. Before consuming or using a product be sure to investigate whether it contains any shark material. By refusing to buy these items and spreading the information to others, consumer demand will lessen and companies will begin to stop using shark products! Boycott!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

A huge threat to all sealife is trash!  Many species of marine life mistaken plastic bags and other trash for food.  Sharks consume those marine species eventually causing the shark to consume plastic which can lead to illness or death.  Think about the products you bring out on the boat and to the beach and make sure unwanted items do not end up in the ocean! Use reusable cups, straws, packaging and be responsible with your trash.  

Speak out & Spread Awareness!

If you see something that can hurt the ocean don't be afraid to say something or do something!  Pick up trash as you walk by, fish and play in the water mindfully. The ocean is home to beautiful creatures and it is our responsibility to care for it! If you are on vacation or enjoying a day at the ocean and you see someone is abusing sharks by hurting them for fun please defend them and report what you see!  

Write to legislators and tell them how important it is to you to preserve and protect sharks. Tell them you want to see and end to shark fishing and finning and would like them to support shark conservation in your area.

Encourage and participate in campaigns that raise awareness, collect donations and support awareness efforts.

Use social media as a platform to spread awareness about shark conservation.  The next time you learn something about sharks or see an organization that could use help please share a post about it! 




Spreading awareness about shark conservation is important to us at Neptunic.  Join us in spreading the word about protecting sharks and our beloved ocean!


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