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Neptunic Sharksuit Coloring

We've been doing a lot of testing with the coloring process of Stainless Steel for our Sharksuits lately. The use of heat and chemicals to obtain a rainbow of colors on stainless steel,  just doesn't create a permanent or safe solution that meets the criteria, and quality standards we have set at Neptunic. 

We appreciate all the requests, but the coloring process on Sharksuits is not permanent and is still not an option from Neptunic​. The colors unfortunately bleed in contact with the Ocean and release toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The coloring process also removes the Rust preventative properties of the Stainless Steel creating a maintenance crisis....

The process of creating Black Sharksuits is by far the most caustic. The stainless steel must be striped down to bare metal by removing the layer of chrome and nickel. Since this process can not be done pre Sharksuit assembly, it must be chemically stripped which is damaging to the suit. Once the bare metal is exposed, the suit is treated with ACID and a black "patina" is created. Eventually the nickel and chrome will resurface removing the black patina, turning the suit a dull grey.  

All that being said. It sure is nice to look at.

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